Whether you’re a Dancing Queen or Disco Diva, we have the Event Kit for you! Ticketprinting.com’s Disco Event Kit features a midnight blue background with colored flashing lights, the silhouette of a dancer, and the memory of music throbbing to a beat. The right Kit for a dance, reunion, or themed party, these products will remind guests of the days of 54 and Saturday Night Fever where dancing was king. Hustle over and start your own Disco Fever today!

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Kick up the heat and dance your way to the next level in ticket sales with a Disco Event Ticket from CanadaTicketPrinting.ca! Fully customize your information on this vibrant and energetic template that will get the crowd twist and shouting.

Disco Event Ticket

$30.49 for 300 ($0.10 per item)

Prices starting at $20.34

Party all night long with Disco Flyers from CanadaTicketPrinting.ca! Upload your own image or logo to fully customize and print flyers for your next event. Throw a Disco Party and Get Down Tonight!

Disco Flyer

$22.65 for 25 ($0.91 per item)

Prices starting at $15.63

Twist and shout about your next Disco Party! Catch attention with vivid invitations that match our Event Kit Templates including matching promotional materials.

Disco Invitation

$30.85 for 50 ($0.62 per item)

Prices starting at $30.85

Get the Saturday Night Fever started with groovy Disco Posters! Fully customize your Disco Posters by uploading your own image or logo. Show off your moves with a Disco Poster that is sure to catch attention!

Disco Poster

$25.49 for 25 ($1.02 per item)

Prices starting at $16.96

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