Sing a song of successful box office returns and a pocket full of cash. When you’re ready to raise your voices along with your revenue, sell the purest art form with the purest publicity materials. In warm, velvety red with a hand-written sheet music motif, the Choral Event Kit is the perfect complement to your choir’s hard work and dedication. Hit the high notes with the matching tickets, posters, and other printed necessities in the Choral Event Kit.

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Full bleed general admission ticket for choir event

Choral General Admission Ticket 002

$28.95 for 300 ($0.10 per item)

Prices starting at $19.49

Full bleed invite for choir event

Choral Invitation

$29.95 for 50 ($0.60 per item)

Prices starting at $29.95

Full bleed flyer for choir event

Choral Flyer

$21.99 for 25 ($0.88 per item)

Prices starting at $15.17

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